Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the How To Apply For Quora Partner Program?

What is Quora Partner Program
What is Quora Partner Program

About Quora

Quora is one of the mostly used question answer platform across the globe, with more than hundred million active users with it, making it popular like Facebook and Twitter, having a lot of informative content in it.

From the last few months, each person is searching for a way to earn easily through internet. So, to fulfill their desires many social media platforms begun to pay for the unique content uploaded by their users.

In this series, on the 11th of July of the last year, Quora has also begins its partner program under which, a user can make a passive income just by its sincere dedication.

So here is a detailed go through of this all new Quora partner program.

What is Quora Partner Program?

This all new partner program is meant to provide a steady source of income to those users, who are using Quora for a long time having a good knowledge of generating questions along with to answer other too.

But what is important to known by a user is that this program is only going to pay you for the responses a user get on his question asked on Quora. So, answering a question doesn’t give a single penny.

How To Apply For Quora Partner Program?

Before you began to earn something from the Quora, it has some conditions to be followed by a user, just like that of other paying social media platforms. here are the conditions as follows:

  • The user must be active for at least for 29th days before applying for the program.
  • The account must Have a good number of questions (at least forty or more).
  • There must me five unique response on each question asked by the user.
  • The responses should be unique with respect to each other.

If a user satisfies the following, then he ca n apply for the partner program.

How to Earn money online Quora partner program?

Once your application is successfully passed in the partner program, then your journey to have a new way of income begins.

For this, Quora allow you to have advertisements om your question, which pays for each new response from a unique user, having a Quora account.

But to apply an ad on your question, you must have to buy it or can have free from any other sources.

but each question has its own value, based on which a user is to be paid by the Quora. These are as follows:

  • The question asked by the user must be engaging.
  • The question must be on trend.
  • The question is not asked earlier on Quora.

If a question overcome these barricades, then it begins to be paid between $0.01 to $1.00, according to the following conditions mentioned above

At the end, if you want to have a passive income without any interruption then there are some steps which a user must have to follow:

  • If you get response on your question, try to give your response too to the other users, keeping in mind to have them engaged on your questions.
  • Always try to have unique and creative / trending questions before asked by any other user.
  • If you seems that your question has asked already , just go through the responses and try to ask the remaining from those to engage user on your side.


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